End user license agreement for the Zona software

By installing, copying, uploading, using, or realizing access to the Zona software, you express the consent to the terms of this license agreement (hereinafter the Agreement) with an end user (hereinafter the User) and shall comply with them. If you do not agree to the terms of the Agreement you are to abort the installation and delete any and all Zona files from your computer.

The Zona software provides users with services to search, upload and watch video files in the Internet. The software provides the User with direct links to torrent and video files if they are found based on the User search terms as the search outcome.

The Zona software is available for legally capable persons who are at least 18 years old, as well as emancipated persons.

Destiny Media LLC grants the User a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, freely revocable license to use the Zona software in order to search and watch video content in the Internet.

The Zona software provides to search and watch information and files at any sites in the Internet. The software developer does not control over and cannot be responsible for the information posted by the Internet users. The Zona software and its architecture do not contain technical solutions to censor or control over the legality of posting files found by the Zona software.

Before watching any content found by the Zona software, the User should make sure that his/her actions do not violate the legally protected rights and interests of the third parties. The Zona software owner is only responsible for the information, files and content hosted on the Zona software servers.

All intellectual property rights concerning the Zona software belong to Destiny Media LLC that is the developer and owner of the Zona software. The Users do not have any rights to dispose the Zona software (lease, sell, spread, or dispose in any other way). Users are not allowed to change backward, reverse compile, or otherwise attempt to discover the Zona software source code or any part of it.

For the best performance, as well as for more effective content spreading, the Zona software may transfer the content from the User's computer to the other Zona software Users, who are currently searching for the content previously uploaded by the User, while the User is connected to the Internet.

By accepting the Agreement, you acknowledge and agree to search and upload content as described above and do not mind if the Zona software will send commands to your computer in order to provide your content to the other Users. The User agrees that the Zona software will use the processor and bandwidth of the User's computer in order to exchange or transfer content from the User to another one in order to facilitate the Zona software.

User agrees that when you install the home page and default search is a plugin Rambler. The user is free to change the start page after installation.

The User represents and warrants being the legal owner of the computer on which he/she installs the Zona software. The User shall delete any and all copies of the Zona software if the User's legal right to use the computer comes to an end.

The Zona software developer is not responsible for the quality of the content found by the Zona software in the Internet. The User shall check content uploaded for malware. The developer is not responsible for any damages caused to the User's property by the content of inadequate quality.

Each User under the Agreement shall use the Zona software solely to receive or spread legal content not burdened by copyright or other related rights, as well as to receive access to the services provided by Destiny Media LLC.

By accepting the terms of the Agreement the User accepts the pure obligation not to download, watch, save on tangible media, spread, or use in any other way any information and files burdened by copyright or other related rights, including posted at free access without the consent of the copyright owner. The User understands and accepts the fact that the Zona software does not control over User's actions. The User is personally responsible for User's illegal actions concerning violations of the Russian Federation Law "On Copyright and Related Rights", the Russian Federation Civil Code, the Russian Federation Criminal Code, as well as the Law of the country of permanent or temporary User's residence.

The content found on the Internet with the Zona software is intended solely for personal noncommercial use. To use the content in any commercial purposes is not allowed.

The Zona software developer may, at its sole discretion, without giving any reason, without fine collection, cease to provide access to the Zona software services or any part of it with or without notice.

By agreeing to the terms of the Agreement, the User accepts and is aware that he/she is solely responsible for any of his/her intentional or unintentional illegal actions. The Zona software developer is only responsible for the quality of the services provided and for the content hosted on the Zona software servers.

It is clarified for the User and the User understands that according to the legal position of the Russian Federation Supreme Arbitration Court expressed in the Presidium decree dated 23.12.2008 No 10962/08, the provider is not responsible for the information transmitted, unless the provider initiates its transmission, selects the information recipient or affects the information integrity.